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Rappin’ Legal Terms

Yo, listen up, I got some legal terms to lay down,
From Beck Law to subject verb agreement that’s renowned.
When you’re under contract in real estate, don’t be perplexed,
Check out this article to be less vexed.
Joshua’s Law and its unit 5 exam answers, oh what a test,
Find the key legal concepts at this quest.

Microsoft open license agreement number causing you strife?
Get the lowdown at this site, that’s where you’ll find your new life.
Animal cruelty laws by state, don’t play around with that,
Learn the ins and outs at this bat.
Heard about Skype for Business going away, it’s no fluke,
Get the latest news at this kook.

Covenants, conditions, and restrictions, now that’s a mouthful,
Get some examples at this cool site, that’s super helpful.
The Algiers Agreement 2000, oh what a milestone,
Learn about its terms at this stone.
And Carlos Correa’s Twins contract, now that’s a wild tale,
Get the scoop at this trail.