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Legal Slang: From Prenups to Bike Helmets

Yo, let’s talk about legal rules and tips

From wearing a bike helmet to drafting prenups

Don’t forget the lantern laws, they’re no joke

And Axess Law in Toronto, they’ll help you cope

So let’s break it down and keep it real

Starting with the SFAA residential rental agreement deal

Now if you’re in Indiana, get your postnuptial game on

Get that form ready before the dawn

And don’t forget the Minsk Agreement from ’91

It’s got key points and analysis for everyone to try

Next up, let’s learn how to cite law like a boss

In Chicago style, no need to feel at a loss

If you’re an athlete, know the ncaa disqualification rules

Eligibility matters, so don’t be a fool

Finally, let’s talk about that contract clause, oh so fine

It’s the key to legal peace of mind

So there you have it, legal slang in a nutshell

From prenups to lanterns and bike helmets that juggle

Keep these tips handy, don’t be caught off guard

Legal know-how will always be your trump card!